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There isn't anyone you couldn't love once you've heard their story. Mary Lou Kownacki
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I love to write. Before I could read, I struggled to copy typeset text I did not understand. When I was a little older, on rainy days by the Rhode Island seashore I wrote stories about horses and the lucky girls who owned them. Years later, after getting a degree in English at Radcliffe College, I left the security and familiarity of New England for San Francisco. Several years later I moved to beautiful New Orleans. All the while I worked not only as a writer, but also a photographer, a graphic designer, and on several occasions, a very bad waitress. I sold ice cream from a truck, worked for state government and a big corporation or two, taught school, tended bar. I tried new things, had adventures, and met hundreds - probably thousands - of people.

It was always the people that I found most fascinating - they were from all walks of life, and every one of them had a story to tell. If I listened, I was always rewarded. So I became a good listener.

Eventually I returned to New England. My mother, the youngest and only living member of her family of ten children, asked me to help her write down the family stories that only she knew. We created a book full of family sagas, characters, and photographs - a book that is now treasured by the many generations of our extended family. It was clear to me how important and valuable it is for a family to preserve and pass along the lives that have come before. I had found my calling. Storylines was born.

As I continued to work on more books, I often tape-recorded interviews with clients, and I was always struck by the power of the human voice. So I expanded my services to include oral histories as well, and affiliated with a terrific group of specialists, including audio technicians, graphic designers, and videographers who provide the technical skills that produce the very best quality. Storylines now offers a complete range of formats to be sure that we capture the essence of the stories that you want to tell - the stories that your grandchildren need you to tell - as only you can tell them.

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