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The packrat has learned that what the next generation will value the most is not what we owned, but the tales of how we lived.  In the end, it is the family stories that are worth the storage.  Ellen Goodman
what our clients say

"We all just listened to the CD and it was wonderful. My father's voice sounds great and his laugh is really terrific. We love it."


"So, after our long journey, we finally are done! Not only do I have a genuine legacy safely recorded for the future generations who care, but I have a new close friend in you. Mary, I toast you! You got what no one else could!"


"Thanks Mary! You are an amazing woman and very gracious. Please rest assured that your name will be top of mind if anyone ever asks for a writer of any sort!"


"I was so lucky to find Mary to bring my memoirs to life with her expertise, exceptionally perceptive insight, and craftsmanship. We had a lot of fun too! She knows more secrets about me than what is written here!"


"Without your patience, encouragement, organizational talents, and sense of humor, where would we be? Still fussing -- 'Should we?' 'Why bother?' 'Is it just our egos?' -- But you soothed our fears and made us laugh so that we could relax, get over ourselves, and make a beautiful book. We are so glad we found you. The kids are thrilled, we are thrilled... Thank you for everything!"

J. and R.B.

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