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Life isn't about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself. George Bernard Shaw

There are as many ways to tell stories as there are people to tell them. Recognizing the unique nature of each situation, we help individual clients tell and preserve their stories in the way that is best for them. After listening carefully, we explain all the options and help to determine what format each individual would be happiest with (book, audio, video, etc.), and make suggestions about how each client's story would be best structured and what would be the most affordable way for each client to proceed.

We conduct and record interviews that we then edit, in words or sound, to produce a book, oral history on an audio CD-ROM, or video/DVD including voice and photographs/movies. Offering the specific level of involvement that each client may need - from start to finish or somewhere in between - we work with graphic designers, printers, or audio/video technicians to produce the most satisfactory, personal, and affordable result possible.

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